Custom Engineering Design was established in 1994 specializing in
development of PC based oscilloscopes and custom data acquisition
Our PC based Oscilloscopes are powerful, have flexible trigger
options, deep acquisition memory and are easy to use.

Today, we have a large customer base around the world in a variety
of industries, large and small companies as well as universities and
governmental institutions using our PC based oscilloscope modules
in a variety of applications.
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4 Channel PC
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8 Channel PC
based Oscilloscope
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16 Channel PC
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32 Channel PC
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Our mission is to provide multi-channel PC based Oscilloscopes, small and portable,
high performance, easy to use, and at reasonable cost.

Our approach is modular. If you start out with an 8 channel Scope4pc, you can
expand it to a 16 channel (or higher) system later simply by purchasing additional
expander modules. The Scope4pc software will automatically detect the modules
and configure itself accordingly.
The PC based Oscilloscope Advantage

A PC based Oscilloscope takes advantage of the computing power available
in the PC/Laptop already sitting on your desk. The Scope4pc software
running on your PC is controlling the external Scope4pc hardware. Data is
acquired by the Scope4pc hardware, then automatically transferred to the
PC and shown on the screen.
Multi-Channel Oscilloscope

Working with today’s complex electronic systems require monitoring the interaction of
many signals at the same time. An Oscilloscope with only 2 channels becomes
insufficient and a 4 channel Oscilloscope is frequently required. More complex
applications may require use of an Oscilloscope with 8, 16 or more channels. The
same software is used to operate all Scope4pc models.
Scope4pc Hardware:

  • Connects to laptop or desktop PC (USB 2.0 or 1.1)
  • 40 MS/s Sample Rate for each channel (single shot or
  • 14 bit AD Converters, one for each channel
  • 20 MHz Analog Bandwidth
  • Uses standard 1x/10x/100x probes
  • Deep data acquisition memory 256K * 14bits per channel
  • Adjustable pre and post trigger buffers
  • External trigger input.
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Scope4pc Software:

  • Windows Win-7, Vista, XP, 2000 and Me.
  • User-friendly, logical layout, easy to use
  • Select color and label for identification of each channel
  • Save/Recall waveforms (CSV format)
  • Save/Recall system setup
  • Disk logging saves data to disk automatically
  • 2 sets of calipers for visual reference and
    measurement of voltage and time
  • Two configurable math channels
  • Statistics
  • Zoom In/Out for improved data analysis.
  • 8 separate Pass/Fail tests analyze your data as it is
    collected, keep track of statistics can automatically
    save data to disk (Pass/Fail/All or none)

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Scope4pc  4-32 channel PC based Oscilloscopes